“Project Athena”: smart solution for improving quality of life

The Municipality of Athens, digital business agency ATCOM and Microsoft are developing “Project Athena”, a new and innovative technology program which will improve quality of life in Athens in terms of cleanliness and accessibility.

Combining ATCOM’s “UrbanIntelligence” solution and Microsoft’s technologies for the installation of sensors on Athens’ urban network, “Project Athena” aims to collect data on street and air cleanliness, accessibility of pedestrians and people with disabilities, noise pollution, air temperature and humidity, reports GTP.

Sensors are positioned in garbage bins to measure their fill-levels, at pedestrian crossings to detect any possible obstacles, at the Athens City Hall and in various individual parts of these areas.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said: “These sensors ‘measure’ the quality of life in the city. They monitor the everyday habits of residents and visitors, and offer direct and credible data. This data provide us with the possibility to intervene and offer solutions… become more effective and precise in the changes we make in the city”.

The project will enable cleaning authorities to make smart decisions and design waste collection routes effectively and on time and the use of sensors on street crossings will ensure accessibility to special ramps and notify authorities in case parked vehicles obstruct access, reports GTP.


Photo credit GTP