Prague takes another step towards energy self-sufficiency


Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib announced that the Czech capital is taking another big step towards energy self-sufficiency by installing urban solar panels on rooftops.

Mayor Hřib stated on social media: ‘’We are aware that sunlight offers a huge source of energy (800-1250 kWh per year in our conditions per square meter). Therefore, if we manage to properly capture and use this energy, it is another step towards energy self-sufficiency in Prague.’’

On three apartment buildings in the city of Prague, solar panels were installed as part of pilot programs. Two of them are in Prague 8, and one is in Černý Most. The mayor of the Czech capital explained that the installation of the solar panels itself is easy and can be done within 5 days.

Solar energy has no negative environmental effects, making it an excellent option to decrease one’s carbon footprint. However, mayor Hřib added that it was essential for Prague to develop and adopt proper legislation in this field.

‘’However, what ultimately hinders us most in the rapid development of the entire project is the lack of legislation. What we need is a legal framework for the operation of energy communities so that all residents of the houses can benefit from the solar panels. Fortunately, we should see this happen this year,’’ he stated.

‘’Then we can put solar power plants into operation on city homes both here in Karel Hlaváček Street, where we have several of them, and all over Prague. This will save people’s wallets and the environment. We are ready,’’ Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib stated. (photo credit: Bill Mead/Unsplash)