Prague Mayor: ”Nature simply won’t wait, we must take care of it now’’


Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib stated that the Czech capital should continue to add more greenery, as that was the only way to combat climate change.

Mayor Hřib stated on social media: ‘’We’re planting trees in the streets, even in the heart of the city. For example, there are new trees on Wenceslas Square, Smetana Embankment, or Na Pořící Street. We are also planting trees on a large scale in housing estates, a large number of them have been added, for example, in Jižák.’’

A tree avenue will also be built along the tram line that the city is now constructing to Dědina, according to the mayor of the Czech city. He also announced that hundreds more trees would be planted this year as part of the Jiřího z Poděbrad Square renovation project.

‘’We want to have a similar avenue on the new Olšanská Street, and of course, we are also planning tree planting during the revitalisation of Palmovka and wherever new neighborhoods will be built on brownfield sites,’’ Mayor Hřib also stated.

Prague’s mayor stated that green roof projects as well as green facades or so-called vertical greenery, which saves space by planting high up, are all part of the city’s climate plan.

”Nature simply won’t wait; we must take care of it now,’’ Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib concluded.

The urban heat island effect, which refers to heat trapped in built-up areas, can be lessened by adding more green spaces to cities. That also mitigates the effects of pollution, dampens noise, makes cities more livable, and boosts the overall quality of life. (photo credit: Martins Cardoso/Unsplash)