Plans for new modern green district in Prague’s Palmovka


Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib announced fresh plans to give Palmovka, a neighborhood and a street in Libeň, a big make-over. 

Mayor Hrib stated on social media: “Citizens of Prague, citizens of Prague 8, this is not a dream! This is how we will transform Palmovka!”

With more than 2000 new affordable urban flats, this location will develop into a contemporary green district over the next ten years, according to Mayor Hrib.

“And because we support the idea of a 15-minute city, we are also counting on all the amenities in the area. Within walking distance, you will find landscaped squares, parks, cultural centres, shops, cafes, libraries and various leisure activities,” he continued.

Moreover, the restored building that the city agreed to save last year will house EUSPA, the EU Agency for the Space Programme, making Palmovka a renowned hub for space research.

“In addition, the planned development of Palmovka is completely unique, because it will take place on city land and the city will be able to implement it according to its own ideas and the needs of local residents!” Mayor Hřib wrote.

The Czech Republic’s capital will also hold a design competition with the aim of renovating Vrchlického Sady, a park next to Prague’s Main Station, Mayor Hřib also revealed earlier this year. (photo credit: Sergey Mind/Unsplash)