Paris introduced citywide 30 kmh speed limit

City of Paris has officially become a 30-city, meaning the speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour has officially come into force on almost all Parisian streets. Prior to the introduction of this measure, approximately 60 percent of  roads had the mentioned limit, except main ring roads and highways.

Deputy Mayor of Paris David Belliard stated: “It is first of all a safety measure, to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable: pedestrians and cyclists. The overwhelming majority of serious or fatal accidents in Paris are caused by cars or heavy goods vehicles. The point is to reduce the space taken by cars, which involves lowering their speeds”.

This measure also helps creating more space for cyclists, but also fighting noise pollution and contributing to climate protection.

Prior to the decision, the City has also conducted a research among Parisians to see their opinion about this matter and the survey showed that 59 percent of citizens were in favour of the new limits.

This measure is one of the promises that mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo declared during her campaign in 2014: the goal is to transform the city from car-centric model to one that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists.

Furthermore, mayor Hidalgo introduced “Paris Respires” (Paris Breathes) in 2016, a measure that bans cars from certain areas of Paris on the first Sunday of the month and making public transport and the city’s bicycle and electric vehicle schemes free for the day.


Photo credit: Rodrigo Kugnharski/Unsplash