Paris 2024 as a significant element of the economic recovery of the capital

Despite the Covid pandemic and the fact that France has one of the highest total number of Covid cases, preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games remain on track for Paris 2024.

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo said for RMC: “We are on time for the construction of the Olympic Village and the infrastructure necessary to host the Games. There are more than 10,000 jobs that will start, particularly in the construction sector, such as on Saint-Denis Island where the Olympic Village will be built”.

Mayor Hidalgo added: “The Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the first big event global post-COVID and¬†will be a significant element of the economic recovery of Paris, the Ile de France and France.”

The Games will be centred around the Seine-Saint-Denis region. Mayor Hidalgo said the Games will deliver a strong legacy to the area: “The objectives I had set for myself were to transform a territory that needed it, the Seine Saint-Denis, and give meaning to youth. These Games will also accelerate our ecological transition and there will also be sobriety and transparency. We are very concerned about the use of public money and we have put in place all the structures to come with our heads held high and happy”, reports Insidethegames.


Photo credit: ©Getty Images