‘Not afraid’: Strasbourg Christmas Market Set to Reopen Year After Attack

Preparations have begun in the French city of Strasbourg for the opening of the annual Christmas market, one year after it was the scene of a brutal terror attack that left five dead. Locals say they won’t let fear stop them from holding the 450-year-old tradition.

Known as the Christkindelsmärik, the market attracts around 2 million visitors a year and is one of the biggest events in the French region of Alsace.

But last year it was the scene of tragedy when a lone terrorist armed with a knife and revolver murdered five people and wounded 11 others.

Though that night is still fresh in the memory for residents of the city, they are determined to make sure the market goes ahead as normal, as it has done since the year 1570.

“There is apprehension, which we always have, but then honestly we’re not afraid, we’re not going to stop working,” said Julie Adam, owner of the “Les Délices de Noël” stall at the market.

“We love the Christmas atmosphere, it’s our tradition in Alsace, so, no, we’ll always be there.”