New VR attraction coming to Wuppertal


A new tourist attraction which relies on VR (Virtual Reality) will be arriving in the German city of Wuppertal before the end of this year.

Mayor of Wuppertal Uwe Schneidewind stated on social media: ‘’To sit in the Kaiserwagen and virtually float through the Wuppertal of 1929? From the end of the year, this will be possible right in the centre of Barmen.’’

‘’Yesterday, the ISG Barmen/Werth presented the fascinating project “Time Travel”, which is being realized together with many partners and represents a very important impulse for the city centre of Barmen. I was allowed to take a first virtual ride yesterday – an impressive experience,’’ he continued.

The Kaiserwagen (Emperor’s car) is a carriage car that was built in 1900 for the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, the world’s oldest electric elevated railway with hanging cars.

Once the new attraction is launched, around 30 people will then be able to board the wagon and travel from Vohwinkel to Oberbarmen in around 20 minutes and enjoy Wuppertal’s fascinating history, according to Wuppertaler Rundschau.

The animation and 3D visualization firm “mediaprojekt” from Bielefeld is one of the important partners of the project. It relies on a massive database of aerial pictures and other documentation of the old Wuppertal cityscape held by the municipal geodata center.

The Association for the promotion of the historical suspension railway in Wuppertal  “Förderverein historische Schwebebahn” and its 2nd chairman Bernd Bigge will also contribute pieces from their collection for the two so-called ‘experience rooms’ which will also be part of the project.

On May 10, the first virtual test trip from Sonnborn to the zoo showcased how this data is processed on the computer to create an astoundingly realistic ambiance – three-dimensional and realistic landscape and buildings with authentic background noise. (photo credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)