New officers joined Bratislava Municipal Police

Yesterday, city of Bratislava has officially hired the students who finished the training for policemen. 16 officers have made a solemn oath and are leaving for service after a 3-month course.

After eight years, City of Bratislava has created their own training center, meaning that future police reinforcements do not need to travel to Nitra anymore.

Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo declared via social media: “We have solemnly welcomed 16 students in the ranks of Bratislava Municipal Police, who came from education in our own training centre. They are now leaving for service after a 3-month course”.

Mayor Vallo continued: “I am glad that we have new reinforcements in the ranks of the city police, which will do a good service to keep Bratislava safe. I am also looking forward to the fact that after 8 years we have created our own training center and we have education in our own hands. Previously, all applicants had to travel to Nitra for training”.

He finished: “In a few weeks we are opening another course for 25 new police officers”.


Photo credit: Lukáš Kulla/Unsplash