New digital platform to offer information on water supply in Rijeka


A new informative digital platform “VIK info” containing information about water supply in the Croatian city of Rijeka has been officially launched. Through the platform, residents of Rijeka and its surroundings will be informed in a timely manner about temporary water shortages, planned works, and interruptions in water supply due to maintenance, plumbing repair, water supply difficulties, and reported leaks.

Mayor of Rijeka Marko Filipovic stated on social media: ‘’We are proud and grateful to have a source of water right in the city center and we still drink water from the tap. Most citizens in Europe do not have that luxury. It is up to us to make sure that it stays that way, which we strive for through a large investment cycle.’’

‘’We are aware that its implementation will disrupt the functioning of our city, but also our citizens, so I ask you for understanding and patience. The VIK info page – a new digital platform dedicated to information on water supply – will play an important role in informing about the works,’’ mayor of Rijeka further stated.

The platform also features a dynamic map that shows the locations where the work will be done, as well as the projected time for the water supply to be restored, the city of Rijeka announced through it official website.

The greatest water and municipal infrastructure project in Croatia, worth about two billion Croatian kuna (approx. 265,604,000 euros) is being implemented by the utility company Vodovod i kanalizacija, with a portion of the work already underway and the rest anticipated to begin soon.

The EU project “Improvement of water and community infrastructure in the Rijeka agglomeration” suggests the building of 217 kilometers of new pipelines and the reconstruction of existing ones. (photo credit: Stella Tzertzeveli/Unsplash)