Milan towards a new normality

The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala said: „It is time to find together the new way to bring Milan towards a new normal.“ in a brief greeting before the concert of the Filarmonica della Scala in Piazza del Duomo, the first after the lockdown.

Summoning all the great Milanese institutions, such as La Scala, together the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala shared his thoughts: „We are all projected on what will happen at school, at work. I strongly believe in collective thinking and action, today more than ever everyone’s effort is needed”. A sort of invitation that the audience welcomed by applauding.

The desire to start over is there but even a lot of prudence itself. „It is very important to find the formula to start over, to bring Milan into a future that is not a denial of the past but an evolution. It is the future by believing in culture, competence, and knowledge. I am not declaring the principles but this is what we are doing” he emphasized. Recent examples are the tribune of Milan’s attestation. It is the tribune of the resistance that will be built on the ramparts of porta volta. „If the city is a gold medal resistance” he noted „it does not end there, but it is a value that is carried along. It is the confirmation of a belief”.