Mayor Vartiainen’s vision for Helsinki is sustainable growth


Known for its innovative art, culture and architecture, Helsinki is the leading seaport and industrial city in Finland. It is a modern city that offers functional design, unique gastronomy, as well a very high quality of living to its residents. Since August 2021, the Finnish capital has been led by mayor Juhana Vartiainen. This brave and dedicated politician has created an ambitious plan for Helsinki, thanks to which the city keeps growing and reaching new heights every day. 

Elected in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest crises Europe has witnessed since the Second World War, mayor of Helsinki has been focused on the recovery since the beginning of his term. The concept of sustainable growth is one of the main priorities for mayor Vartiainen. As stated on his website, mayor Vartiainen believes that ‘’a prosperous Helsinki is the engine of development for the whole of Finland’’, which is why this committed leader has taken some very important steps thanks to which the Finnish capital keeps flourishing.

In the case of Helsinki and mayor Vartiainen, sustainable growth entails continuing the city’s development in a balanced and controlled manner. Led by the previous mayor Jan Vapaavuori, Helsinki adopted the “World’s Most Functional City” strategy as its operating model, which now continues to be successfully implemented by mayor Vartiainen. One of the main goals is to ensure that Helsinki becomes carbon neutral in the near future. Mayor Vartiainen, Helsinki’s residents, its businesses, and organizations are all working together to create a carbon-neutral Helsinki, primarily through new mobility solutions, focusing on renewable energy and more energy-efficient buildings.

Increasing the attractiveness of Helsinki’s city center is also essential to the mayor. By employing creativity, one of the tasks for the city is to adjust to new business models and the rapidly changing business landscape which is primarily characterized by digitalization and new hybrid work regimes. At the same time, mayor of Helsinki is well aware of the importance of culture, especially in wake of the global pandemic which has had a devastating effect on this sector. Therefore, reviving Helsinki’s cultural and event sectors are also some of his top priorities.

According to mayor Vartiainen’s vision for Helsinki, the Finnish capital must continue to grow as a sustainable city where residents of all ages can enjoy a very high quality of life and also feel safe and protected. At the same time, establishing Helsinki as an attractive and dynamic international location for people to live and work in continues to be among his key objectives. (photo credit: wikimedia)