Mayor Preuner strongly supports Salzburg’s smart city aspirations


Harald Preuner is the current mayor of Salzburg, Austria’s fourth-largest city. As a native of Salzburg, Preuner knows the city very well and is working hard to ensure that this famous Austrian city overcomes every obstacle on the way. Known as an important music centre and the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg has a very long history. Nowadays, Salzburg is also a green, modern European city with a strong focus on climate protection.

Mayor Preuner was born in 1959 in Salzburg- Nonntal, but soon relocated to Seekirchen with his family, where he also attended elementary school. In 1979, he joined the Austrian Armed Forces as a one-year volunteer and rose to the rank of captain later on. He began studying industrial engineering in Graz in 1980 and graduated with the academic degree of Diplom-Ingenieur in 1985.

In 1999, he was elected to the municipal council and appointed as deputy chairman of the City Council. He was the deputy mayor of Salzburg from 2004  to 2017, when he took over as mayor of the city. In the recent past, Salzburg drew attention for its strong smart city aspirations. Led by mayor Preuner, the city has acted on a number of important issues and has achieved numerous goals. 

Most notably, the city of Salzburg has been a trailblazer in a number of energy-related policy areas. The city is working very hard on its sustainable development and has a very diverse set of emissions-cutting initiatives for climate protection. This Austrian city plans to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2050 while increasing locally produced renewable energy. Numerous green and environmental policies that are regularly promoted by mayor Preuner will undoubtedly help the city make these dreams a reality.

Mayor of Salzburg is an experienced and solution-oriented leader who tackles a wide range of issues for the benefit of all Salzburg residents. After the war in Ukraine started, mayor Preuner was very quick to react and ensure that Ukrainian refugees would feel welcome in this Austrian city. He supported initiatives that dealt with helping and providing accommodation to the Ukrainian refugees. Furthermore, the city also made a donation to the Red Cross Salzburg to support securing medical supplies and other goods which were urgently needed in Ukraine. (photo credit: wikimedia)