Mayor of Toulon is dedicated to urban renewal projects


Hubert Falco is a French politician and the mayor of Toulon, who has been holding the mayor’s office since 2001.

Toulon is the third-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille and Nice. It is an important center for naval construction, fishing, winemaking and the manufacture of aeronautical equipment.

The Commune of Toulon has a population of 167,479 people (2015), making it France’s 15th-largest city.

Since he became the mayor of Toulon, Hubert Falco has been dedicated to improving the quality of life and making the city more attractive.

Mayor of Toulon also recently presented a future project “De Mayol à Pipady” which will transform the Toulon’s port area making it more attractive.

The project will take place on 4 hectares and will include a new district with a large park, a convention center, a hotel with a thalassotherapy area, a marine hall with a cultural vocation, a promenade, a new water-bus stop and a panoramic restaurant.

This big project is likely to change the whole image of the city because it would totally transform the port area by making it more lively and beautiful.

Furthermore, mayor of Toulon has made a huge difference in the city with the start of many urban renewal projects, such as the renovation of 390 streets and 50 squares, roadway reparation on Avenue Clovis Hugues and Rue Grognard up to Place Bouzigues and in the Claret suburb.

He also built two new spaces for people with reduced mobility and a loading/unloading area. This new surfacing drastically reduced noise pollution and lowered the road temperature in the city of Toulon. (photo credit: wikimedia)