Mayor of Salzburg attended the opening of ECOVATION 2022


Mayor of Salzburg Harald Preuner recently participated in the opening of ECOVATION 2022, an event focused on climate goals, digitization and the important role that municipalities play in tackling today’s most urgent issues.

Mayor Preuner stated on social media: ‘’Environmental and climate protection, mobility and transport policy, digitization and technical development are currently more important to us than ever. These will continue to require a lot of attention in the future and are fundamental to sustainable social development and sustainable politics.’’

The theme of this year’s event of ECOVATION was the needs and challenges of the federal states and municipalities, and how they can work together to address this decade’s most pressing issues. Particularly, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable mobility management, and the employment of new technology in communities were primarily discussed in this context.

Mayor of Salzburg further stated that ‘’many of these topics and developments pose major challenges and therefore require joint cooperation, a lot of dialogue and communication on an equal footing.’’

‘’With the focus on the needs of our federal states and municipalities, ECOVATION offers a suitable opportunity to tackle the high goals and many challenges together with the federal government, to discuss them and to create a basis for future decisions for the benefit of the population and the economy,’’ mayor Preuner further stated.

The event was organized by Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and Ministry of Climate Action and Energy, in cooperation with procurement service provider for the public sector Bundesbefertigung GmbH, the national competence centre for innovation procurement PPPI service center and the naBe platform.

Mayor of Salzburg is an experienced and solution-oriented leader who regularly addresses a wide variety of issues for the benefit of all Salzburg residents. The city of Salzburg is particularly focussed on different sustainability and energy-related policy areas. (photo credit: preuner.jpg © Nico Zuparic. Salzburg official website)