Mayor of Freiburg Martin Horn visited Lviv


Mayor of Freiburg Martin Horn visited Lviv, where he handed over donations and also talked about further concrete help for the Ukrainian city, which is also one of Freiburg’s twin cities.

Mayor Horn stated on social media: ‘’On Freiburg’s initiative, donations worth almost five million euros have been collected. In the past few weeks, this money has been used to send various shipments to Ukraine, including large emergency generators for hospitals, medical supplies and sanitary and hygiene articles.’’

The mayor of the German city also stated that help continues to be ‘’sorely needed’’ for Lviv residents and announced more support for the Ukrainian city. He also thanked everyone who was willing to participate in providing aid to Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24th this year, has created Europe’s worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. Millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled to neighboring nations since the invasion began, while many more have been internally displaced.

‘’About two million Ukrainians – including many children – have fled to the West via our twin city. In addition, more than two hundred thousand refugees from other parts of Ukraine have stayed permanently in Lviv. Even though Lviv has only experienced a few attacks so far, the entire city is suffering severely from the war,’’ Mayor Horn also stated.

During his visit to Lviv, Mayor Horn also went to one of the refugee shelters where Ukrainians fleeing the war zones in the country’s east have found a temporary home. (photo credit: rawpixel. com/Freepik)