Mayor Hæstorp Andersen looks back on her first 100 days in office


It has been exactly 100 days since Sophie Hæstorp Andersen took office as the new mayor of the Danish capital Copenhagen. Mayor Hæstorp Andersen described the first 100 days of her term as ‘’exciting, educational and challenging’’ and once again stated she was committed to making Copenhagen an even better place to live.

Mayor Hæstorp Andersen stated on social media: “My first 100 days have been exciting, educational and challenging. But most importantly, I feel like I’ve come home. Home to Copenhagen.”

“As a Vesterbroer [resident of Vesterbro city district] and a citizen of Copenhagen, I can think of nothing more meaningful than working towards making my city – our city – an even better place to live”. she further stated.

The opening months of mayor Hæstorp Andersen’s term were dominated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which kept the cultural sector in the Danish capital largely shut. In February and March, street shootings took place in the districts of Vesterbro and Nørrebro.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in the last week of February, creating the largest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades. Copenhagen was one of the numerous European cities that responded by providing accommodation and basic services to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in their country. 

Furthermore, mayor Hæstorp Andersen has also made climate protection one of her absolute priorities. By adopting the climate budget, the city has already laid the foundation for becoming even more environmentally friendly in the future.

“Much has also been achieved. I was elected on the ambition that we should think about the climate in everything we do. Here, 100 days after I took office, we in the City Council have adopted a climate budget so that we can do just that in the future”. mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen also stated. (photo credit: Copenhagen official website)