Mayor Müller: “We will never forget how the Western powers defended the city’s freedom”

In June 1948, the Berlin Airlift took place. In order to save the residents in Berlin’s Western part, the Western Allies started the biggest airlift of all time when the Soviet blocked land and water access to West Berlin. Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, diplomats and others participated at the small ceremony at the Airlift Memorial.

The Airlift Memorial has two parts – one in Berlin and the other one in Frankfurt. Mayor Michael Müller said: “Back then, Berlin had learned that freedom needed to be won and defended over and over. This is what the Berliners had done in 1948 and 1949. We will never forget how the Western powers defended the city’s freedom back then. A few years after World War II, the occupation forces became protection forces.”

Mayor Michael Müller continued: “We shall never forget the fact that Allied pilots also gave their lives for freedom. Commemorating them meant being aware of the fact that freedom and democracy were not self-evident. Even in this global pandemic, and in difficult times like these, Berlin was showing its deep gratitude to America, Britain, France and the other nations that had helped.The Berliners would never forget the Airlift, this act of helpfulness and determination”.

The ceremony had to be kept small because of the Covid pandemic, but besides mayor Müller, other diplomats who took part are Ralf Wieland, the President of Berlin’s House of Representatives, Berlin’s Commerce Senator Ramona Pop and Labor Senator Elke Breiztenbach, the Chargée d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy, Robin Quinville, the South African Ambassador to Germany, Phumelele Stone Sizani, and others.

Photo credit: The Berlin Spectator