Mayor Kõlvart: “Tondiraba park is not only for people, but to highlight nature as well”

Yesterday, Tondiraba Park officially opened its door to visitors: a 29 hectare green and recreation area creates space for both people and nature.

As one of the largest green areas in the city, Tondiraba Park was established on the site of a bog of the same name in Lasnamäe. The park is part of the so-called green corridor of Lasnamäe, which was already planned while developing the district.

Three bridges were built in the eastern part of the park, each of which allows animals and plants to be observed in their natural environment.

Tondiraba Park is also the largest sports and playground in the Baltics, covering over 5.7 hectares. The park has 10 kilometres of trails and footpaths for running and hiking, as well as another 2.5 kilometres of trails for cycling.

There are also dog parks, hammocks, barbecue facilities and a bicycle service point.

Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart said: “Tondiraba Park is unique in both the extent and opportunities for active pastime, not only in the context of Lasnamäe, but in the context of the entire city. But more importantly, this park is not only for people, but to highlight nature as well. The park is built in such a way that its biodiversity remained untouched and the permanent inhabitants of the park – animals, birds and plants – would not lose their homes. This is another thing that makes Tondiraba Park special. It is also worth noting that Tondiraba Park was completed just in time for Tallinn to aspire to the title of European Green Capital again, as we have been selected as one of the finalists of 2023.”

The cost of the works was approximately €6.7 million.


Press, Photo credit: Siim Lõvi