Mayor Halsema officially opened opened the 2021/2022 congress season in Amsterdam

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema and deputy mayor Victor Everhardt have officially opened the 2021/2022 congress season of the city in a press conference. They were joined by RAI Amsterdam Covention Centre’s CEO Paul Riemens and Tracey Davies, President of Money 20/20.

Mayor Halsema stated: “I am very excited that business events will take place in our city again. We are ready to receive, organise and facilitate international events in the city and the RAI. Schiphol, our hotel chains, RAI Amsterdam. They all have the protocols in place. In the last year and a half RAI Amsterdam has become a Covid-expert and is Covid-proof”.

She continued: “Amsterdam has been an international city for a long time. We have a tradition in welcoming guests from all over the world. We are proud of international trades, innovation and intellect. I think Money20/20 and a lot of the activities of RAI Amsterdam and other venues in our city are in the forefront of transforming our city. These visitors help our city become more of an innovative, curious city that we are proud of”.

Deputy mayor Everhardt said: “Over the next four years, the municipality of Amsterdam will invest 3.7 million euros in attracting conferences that add value to our city. We aim to make Amsterdam one of the most important conference cities in Europe. Amsterdam is now ranked fourteenth on the list of most attractive congress destinations worldwide. Congresses provide income, employment and training, while strengthening local economic sectors.”

Until 2019, conferences at RAI Amsterdam alone were generating an annual turnover of approximately 690 million euros and employment of 6.300 FTEs. In general, a turnover of 1 euro added value for RAI Amsterdam is 7 euros added value for the region. With the Amsterdam conference sector shut down for a year and a half, the region of Amsterdam missed a revenue of approximately one billion euros, reports Traveldailynews.


Photo credit Andrei Stratu/Unsplash