Mayor Hæstorp Andersen: Copenhagen is ready for more solar energy


The Danish government announced its plans to quadruple solar and onshore wind energy by 2030. Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is expected to take an important place in the upcoming transition.

Mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen stated on social media: ‘’In Copenhagen, we do not have room for quite as many wind turbines on land. But solar cells are a completely different matter. Here in Copenhagen and in the cities, we can play a key role. And we are ready’’.

Hæstorp Andersen stated that solar energy has been one of the main priorities in Copenhagen for years. The mayor of the Danish capital said that she has previously proposed to the government that the state, municipalities and regions team up to develop a pool for a pilot plan that would include solar cells on large roofs in cities. Furthermore, she also pushed for fewer administrative regulations for solar cell installation.

However, according to mayor Hæstorp Andersen, ineffective legislation and bureaucracy have stifled the adoption of solar panels on city roofs in the Danish capital. Looking ahead to the future, she argues for more solar panels to be installed in Copenhagen without having to go through the lengthy administrative processes.

‘’I am glad that with the government’s proposal, we finally see a chance to change the rules so that we can continue our sustainable transition,’’ mayor of Copenhagen said.

The City of Copenhagen has previously estimated that 250 municipal buildings are suitable for solar panels which according to mayor Hæstorp Andersen must now be utilized. (photo credit: OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay)