Mayor Gualtieri: “Rome will be cleaned up by Christmas, perhaps sooner”

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One of the first issues that the new mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri will solve is to “clean up the city by Christmas, perhaps sooner if we can move fast.”

At the Q&A forum by journalists at Italian newspaper La Repubblica, mayor Gualtieri stated: “I sense strong expectations and an international climate of growing confidence in Italy and towards Rome”.

Regarding the garbage crisis, mayor announced an extraordinary cleaning of the capital city: heaps of trash will be removed, the streets will be sweeped and cleaned, while the grass will be mowed. The drains will be cleaned as well.

Besides the talks with Rome’s waste collection agency AMA, mayor Gualtieri also talked with ex-mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi regarding this issue. Besides AMA, mayor announced that external support will also be organized for the clean-up.

Mayor Gualtieri told La Repubblica that Rome “can be at the forefront of the ecological transition”, repeating his previously-stated goals of making the capital “a city of 15 minutes” in terms of the services available in each area.

Mayor’s other priorities will focus on innovation, culture, social infrastructure, urban regeneration and making the city more attractive for international investors, while longer term goals include decongesting Rome’s traffic by carrying out “structural interventions” as well as investing in public transport, including new buses and tramways, and launching a new mobility app.


Photo credit: Wantedinrome