Mayor Bakoyannis took part in World Animal Day 2021

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The City of Athens has celebrated World Animal Day 2021 with different events at the shelter for stray animals in Votanikos. The goal is to raise the status of animals and improve welfare standards around the globe.

Volunteers visited the site and together with “Lizilia pet bathing & grooming” took care of strays.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis also took part in the event and stated: “Every day is an opportunity to care, love and protect our little four-legged friends. We are happy to have Athens’ volunteers as our valuable allies… Our effort could not bare fruit without their support”.

Besides the chance to spend time with stray cats and dogs, citizens that belong to vulnerable groups can visit the shelter to have an identification microchip implanted on their pets free of charge during October.

So far, 520 dogs and 75 cats have been adopted, 1,160 animals have been sterilized, while 800 dogs and 1,500 cats have received medical care, reports GTP. Also, the City of Athens has installed 20 pet houses in various parts of the city as well as 65 feeders and water bowls for stray animals.

The municipality has launched a website on strays at that provides information on adoption procedures.


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