Matus Vallo won the 2021 World Mayor Future Award

The World Mayor Future Award was conferred on mayor of Bratislava Matús Vallo, for his goals and projects to transform the Slovak capital into a green, compassionate city.

Even before Matús Vallo was elected Mayor of Bratislava in 2018, he, together with 76 experts on urban planning and development, began work on his Bratislava Plan. The Plan, which was presented to the public during the 2018 election campaign, aims to provide high quality public spaces, sustainable forms of transport, with an emphasis on public transport and cycling, as well as the provision of affordable rental housing.

In a public interview for World Mayor. Mayor Vallo was asked about his priorities for Bratislava. He named improvements to public spaces and dealing with car traffic as two of them.

“My wish is that people feel comfortable in high quality public spaces like in other European cities. I think, that even small changes can have a big impact on urban spaces”, mayor Vallo said.

Vallo has started a number of schemes to encourage people to switch from cars to public transport, including the introduction of a 25-per-cent discount for regular users. But he recognises that people will only make the switch if public transport is reliable and safe. Electro and shared mobility are also will also be promoted by the Mayor.

In the interview, Mayor Vallo was also asked about the Pact of Free Cities, which Bratislava formed with Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. The Mayor said that the Pact promotes values such as democracy, freedom, tolerance, and the protection of civic rights. “The initiative and its goals have become very popular and well-known worldwide. We have been receiving requests from cities and mayors from all over the world who want to join the Pact and support this value-based project.”


Source: Photo credit: Martin Katler/Unsplash