Lundby Tunnel in Gothenburg Improves Safety With Kapsch TrafficCom

The Lundby Tunnel at Hisingen in Gothenburg is around 2 km long and consists of two parallel, two-lane tubes. Inaugurated in 1998 and built to improve the environment for the residents and the traffic flow along the heavily used thoroughfare, it is the longest tunnel in the western region of Sweden. As tunnels constitute the most vulnerable points of any roadway system, Kapsch was commissioned to implement a new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS).

The upgraded system collects real-time traffic data and delivers it to the control centers, allowing operators to detect and respond to congestion, incidents, and emergency situations. The information can then be quickly disseminated so that drivers can make informed travel decisions. For the new CCTV-system all cameras in the tunnel (approx. 80 units) will be replaced. The Automatic Incident Detection will be expanded with new functions related to pedestrians, lost goods, and smoke.

“While we have installed our innovative systems at tunnels, bridges, cities and roadways all around the world, this is the first ATMS-project for Kapsch in Sweden. This is a further success and commitment of Kapsch in the Scandinavian Market, where we have already proved to be a reliable partner for other kinds of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) solutions”, says Mikael Hejel, responsible Area Sales Manager for the Nordic countries.

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transportation systems in the fields of tolling, traffic management, smart urban mobility, traffic safety and security and connected vehicles. As a one-stop-shop solutions provider, Kapsch TrafficCom offers end-to-end solutions covering the entire value creation chain of its customers, from components and design to the implementation and operation of systems. The company has implemented six nation-wide toll collection systems and has references in more than 50 countries around the world, among them tolling solutions for the Golden Gate Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as urban traffic management solutions in cities such as Buenos Aires and Madrid.