Lund applies to become the European Youth Capital 2026


Every year, the European Youth Forum designates a city in Europe as the “European Youth Capital” in an effort to empower young people. 

This gives the city a chance to highlight its cutting-edge projects, programs, and initiatives that support the empowerment of young people.

During a seminar on youth democracy which was organised by the municipality of Lund in Almedalen, Mayor of Lund Philip Sandberg announced that the Swedish city will apply to become the European Youth Capital for 2026.

Mayor Sandberg stated on social media: ‘’Lund has been named Sweden’s best student city. It is also the best youth municipality in the country. Now it’s time to take the next step and apply to become the first European Youth Capital of the North and Sweden in 2026.’’

In order to boost youth participation and provide new opportunities, the European Youth Capital project aims to support both young people and decision-makers.

‘’We do this to strengthen children’s and young people’s participation and influence, while at the same time we become even better at utilizing children’s and young people’s knowledge and abilities,’’ Mayor Sandberg also stated.

‘’Holding the title European Youth Capital (EYC), in practice, means that the city must present a program with activities aimed at engaging young people and spreading good examples. As a European youth capital, the city should be a role model for other cities in Europe,’’ he explained.

Rotterdam was chosen as the first European Youth Capital in 2009. The chosen cities have succeeded in creating more inclusive communities and offering numerous new chances to their young citizens in the more than 10 years that the title of European Youth Capital has been in existence.

Tirana, the capital of Albania, was named the European Youth Capital for this year. Next year, the title will be held by Lublin, the first-ever Polish city to become the European Youth Capital. (photo credit: Karl Hedin/Unsplash)