Lord mayor’s incredible support to the Leeds hospitals charity


Lord mayor of Leeds Asghar Khan has shown his incredible commitment by supporting Leeds hospitals charity. 

Leeds Hospitals Charity is an important charity that supports many different projects related to all the hospitals in the city of Leeds. Thanks to many donations, this charity manages to provide an additional £5m in funding each year and help hospitals.

Lord mayor Asghar Khan has shown his incredible commitment to this incredible charity over the last six months and, thanks to him and his founding records, the Leeds hospitals charity has managed to raise an impressive amount of £70,000.

Many individuals, community groups, and businesses from across the region started providing help and raising funds for the Lord Mayor’s charity appeal.

“I feel very privileged that the Lord Mayor chose to support Leeds Hospitals Charity during his year in office. The Lord Mayor has gone above and beyond to support us over the last six months and has embraced every opportunity to help raise funds and awareness of our Charity in many diverse communities across our region”, said Esther Wakeman, Chief Executive of Leeds Hospitals Charity.

Because of his incredible efforts and support for this project, he has also helped to raise awareness about this charity, which has resulted in many more people wanting to donate to his ‘Step For Your NHS’ fundraising campaign.

The lord mayor has even created his events which encourage people to donate and help even more. These events include ‘Curry and Quiz’ night, Winter Ball and Jail Break challenge.
“It is a real honor to be able to raise funds for such a wonderful Charity that provides crucial support for hospitals across our city. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed to the £70,000 we have raised already. Having relished the challenge of raising funds so far, I can’t wait for the challenge of meeting the £100,000 target by the end of my term”, said Lord Mayor of Leeds Asghar Khan. (photo credit: Yorkshire Evening Post)