London, New York and Helsinki are the best cities to live in

Boston Consulting Group and BCG Henderson Institute conducted the International Cities of Choice survey regarding the best cities to live in. City of Helsinki got positioned on the third place, right after London and New York.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori stated: “Helsinki is a city for good living, above all. During the past four years, we have worked in a determined manner to implement our vision to be the most functional city in the world, and an even better place to dwell and live for every single resident in Helsinki. It is great that the result of our work is visible also in the outcome of the Cities of Choice ranking”.

The survey used 155 indicators. 25 000 residents from 80 different cities participated in the survey and there were five assessment categories: quality of life, economic possibilities, social capital, interaction between residents and authorities and speed of progress.

Helsinki succeeded in all five assessment categories, but there were notable differences between different assessment points inside the categories. Helsinki received the best result in the category that concerned quality of life, in which it ranked in places 1.-9. at six different points: dwelling, mobility, health care, education and development, public spaces and entertainment and recreation, reports The climate had a declining effect on the quality of life for Helsinki’s residents, and Helsinki was placed in positions 37.-45. concerning this question.


Photo credit Tapio Haaja/Unsplash