Limassol: Cyprus-Greece ferry route revived


The first car and passenger ferry between the Cypriot port of Limassol and the Greek port of Piraeus departed last week, reconnecting the two countries after 21 years.

Mayor of Limassol Nicos Nicolaides stated on social media that this event was a ‘’historic day’’ for Cyprus, and especially for Limassol.

‘’After 21 years, the Limassol – Piraeus ferry service resumes, a service that has been the main connection between Cyprus and the rest of the world for 101 years, from June 1st 1900 when the Limassol-based agency of Spyros Araouzos launched the first ferry to Piraeus, until the last voyage of the Salamis Star on October 28th 2001,’’ he stated.

He further stated that the Limassol Municipality welcomed the achievement of the Ministry of Shipping and the Government with great delight, as it fulfilled a long-held desire of many Cyprus residents.

The island’s location has contributed to the emergence of Cyprus as a prominent tourism destination for visitors from all over the world, which is expected to be further strengthened by the revival of the ferry route.

‘’The fact that the journey to Piraeus will start from the port of Limassol, a port with a long travel tradition, is a very important development for our city, because it adds to the momentum that the upgrading of cruises has begun to create in recent years and strengthens Limassol as a regional maritime transport hub,’’ mayor Nicolaides further stated.

‘’Recognizing this development, the Limassol Municipality will support and facilitate this effort in every way, welcoming and hosting in the most impeccable and unforgettable way, as a city of hospitality and culture, the travelers who will come to our island through this line’’, he concluded. (photo credit: Pixabay)