In three weeks, football rhapsody will spread across Europe

Organizing big sports events is an important part for every city’s economy. There are so many benefits for being a host city: it is not just about the fact that tourism blooms during all the championships and that hospitality sector earns better than usual, but maybe the main benefit is that sports unites people. And not just those who support the same team, but also rivals: prior to matches, everybody exchanges their experiences and thoughts, share great stories and create memories which they won’t ever forget.

This year, the tournament is taking place 60 years since the first of its kind and therefore, it will be held in 11 cities around the continent. This is an opportunity for smaller ccountries to also host such important matches, while the gran finale is scheduled at one of the most famous stadiums in the world, London’s Wembley stadium.

Many football lovers were concerned on whether they will be able to attend the matches in person, and the good news it that the answer is affirmative. Naturally, most cities will limit the percentage of seats that can be occupied, however there are cities such as Budapest which tends to host 100% of the stadium capacity, but with stricts entry requirements for spectators.

Saint Petersburg and Baku have already confirmed 50% of the full capacity, while other cities will stay between 22% and 33%.

The host cities have already included UEFA EURO in their national recovery strategy and everyone is working closely with World Health Organisation (WHO) to adapt the WHO COVID-19 risk assessment tool for EURO 2020.

For example, each ticket holder will be assigned a dedicated 30-minute entry time slot to arrive at the stadium. A face mask will be required at all times, while other measures such as temperature checks or COVID-19 rapid tests can also be necessary.

After unexpected past 15 months, football magic is something we will all benefit from. If your country did not qualify for the tournament, you can nonetheless enjoy one month of beautiful matches and great atmosphere which will, finally, be spread across Europe.