Helsinki to be at the forefront of Europe’s top sports cities

The launch of an Olympic coaching facility in Helsinki was welcomed by the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori said: “The Olympic Coaching Center brings international know-how and networks to Finland and Helsinki, through which Helsinki will in the future be at the forefront of Europe’s top sports cities. The strengthening of top sports in Finland’s largest growth centre is an excellent thing and important for both Helsinki and Finland as a whole.”

The Finnish Olympic Committee said the centre will focus on a select number of sports, athletes and coaches, including basketball, football, gymnastics, judo, swimming and sailing. It should also help strengthen everyday support of athletes and coaches, along with providing greater opportunities for the dual career path to improve.

They said: “The centre will see the best athletes train with the best, in the best conditions and with the best coaching”.

Antti Paananen from Finnish Olympic Committee’s Top Sports Unit said: “The agreement now signed is an expression of will for mutual cooperation. Our goal is to find common resources and increase the know-how that makes top Finnish sports more successful than at present, and sports academies, training centers and cities are part of that success”.

Photo credit ©Getty Images