Hamburg companies keep on attracting new investors

The Hamburg-based Adtriba, which specialises in AI-supported marketing software, has attracted two new investors, Seed + Speed Ventures and Aschendorff Next GmbH and will receive a mid-seven-figure investment. Its existing investors include the Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg (IFH) and the High-Tech Gründerfonds. Adtriba’s AI solution based on algorithms enables users to analyse, evaluate and optimise their marketing activities across all advertising channels.

“We and our investors see enormous potential in offering modern marketing science methods and machine learning algorithms for neutral marketing evaluation and optimisation as Software as a Service (SaaS),” said János Moldvay, CEO of Adtriba. Marketing managers seek more transparency and are not satisfied with the solutions of the big ad platforms, he added. Founded by Moldvay and Ludwig Ostrowski in late 2015, the duo took part in the first batch of the Next Media Accelerator (NMA) in 2016. Adtriba now aims to help international companies make decisions and plan their marketing strategies and budgets based on independent data.

The startup has won over well-known customers such as Montblanc, Flixbus and Die Zeit in the meantime. Adtriba recently tripled its worforce to 15 and expanded its software to include solutions for SMEs. The startup now intends putting the fresh capital towards the strategic expansion of sales and hiring more sales staff as well as making product-related investments.


Photo: Adtriba GmbH Source: Hamburg News