Grenoble to fight cigarette butt littering


The French city of Grenoble has become one of the pilot municipalities which will attempt to limit the number of cigarette butts thrown away in public spaces. They contain chemical toxins and are therefore extremely harmful to the environment and the wildlife.

Mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle stated on social media: ‘’The consumption of cigarettes is a plague both in health and ecological terms! 71 billion in France each year, of which 30% of cigarette butts end up thrown in our streets, our parks and in front of our children’s schools.’’

‘’Grenoble has been designated a Pilot City by the eco-organization Alcome in order to experiment with solutions to halve the number of cigarette butts thrown away in public spaces, by installing ashtrays, linking up with tobacconists and shopkeepers, raising awareness or even better application of verbalization,’’ he continued.

According to Place Gre’net, Alcome and the city hall in Grenoble targeted four main sites in the city for this project, including two pedestrianized streets in the heart of Grenoble, Chenoise and Sergent Bobillot. Another area on which the project is focused on is the Quai Perrière, where large-capacity ashtrays will be placed.

Alcome, an eco-organization, will offer methodological support in the form of project management assistance. In addition, the organisation will provide equipment for collecting cigarette butts and financial assistance for the purchase of ashtrays in the four action zones in Grenoble.

By taking part in this initiative, the city in southeastern France hopes to reduce the number of cigarette butts improperly discarded in public spaces by 40% before 2027.

‘’A clean city is not only about hard-working officials, it is also about people who do not litter,’’ Mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle stated. (photo credit: Pascal Meier/Unsplash)