Greek government announced a new Smart Cities program

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Greek government announced a new Smart Cities program which will involve digital transformation of municipalities.The program will be funded with 320 million euros.

Mayor of Athens Bakoyannis referred to the digitization of the city’s services and its transition to the digital era as part of this program. Mayor announced a pilot project aimed at monitoring illegal parking on disability ramps. He added that currently, 120 municipal services are provided online and free of red-tape to Athens residents.

Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis stated: “Works in Greek municipalities with over 100,000 residents will be funded by the Recovery Fund, while projects in smaller municipalities will be supported with funds from the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA)”. He continued: “We will form a menu of multiple options that will allow municipalities to choose the solutions they need based on their budget and needs of their residents”.

Some of the sectors that municipalities will be able to operate digitally include, among others, social policy, employment, health, education, culture, sports, environment, infrastructure, transport, tourism and financial management.

Pierrakakis called on local authorities to closely cooperate with the relevant ministries in order to save time and develop the projects they need before the launch of tenders, reports GTP.

Greece currently offers approximately 1,300 digital service and the country conducted 150 million digital transactions during the first six months of 2021.


Photo credit: @KEDE