Go by bike or on foot

The Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino appeals to the Turinese: “Going by bike or on foot: also save time”, an invitation from the mayor to fellow citizens encouraging them to lower the inevitable increase of smog due to going back to school.

The new school year, and traffic increment during peak hours and consequently increase in smog levels, the mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino invites citizens to choose walking or cycling over driving a car. The city published a map showing the routes from this square to that street with duration in minutes, underlining how in the end the time taken on foot or by bike is often less than that spent queuing in cars. An example? From the old Porta Susa to Piazza San Carlo 19 minutes on foot; from Porta Nuova to Piazza Castello 11 minutes and up to Piazza Vittorio 20 minutes.

“Even more, the same routes by bike take about a third of the time driving car” underlines the mayo. “My invitation, obviously for those who can, is to consider this type of moving around the city. Walking or cycling is good for the body, it is cheap, and often, it is the fastest and less stressful way to get around. Also, I want to remind everybody, the more people choose “soft” mobility, the less traffic there will be for those who cannot but travel with motor vehicles, and the better the air we all breathe”.

According to a recent study, Turinese spend an average of 147 hours a year driving in queues, and during rush hours, when the city is congested, the vehicles do not go beyond 7 km per hour, compared to 15.4 km per hour by bicycle.

source: torinotoday.it