Ghent will install camera surveillance to control the crowds

Mayor of Ghent Mathias De Clercq announced that Ghent’s city centre will be placed under camera surveillance to help the police enable crowd control in the period between May and October this year,

Mayor de Ciercq said: “Although there are no ‘Gentse Feesten’ this summer, we do expect a lot of activity in our city centre. That is why, just like last summer, there will again be cameras in the city centre for crowd control. This will allow the police to monitor everything properly and to direct teams in the field. That way, action can be taken quickly if necessary”.

Cameras are expected to be installed on squares and in places that attract many people, including the Graslei, Korenmarkt, Vrijdagmarkt, Vlasmarkt, where there are currently no cameras. Installing cameras is expected to help the police have control over unsafe situations.

Although the city council still has to approve the decision, mayor De Clerq has already said these cameras will be placed. Photo Belga