Genoa to promote Zingarelli 2021 postcards on the etymology of Italian

From September 30 until October 5, culture is knocking on the homes of the Genoese, thanks to a team of special “postmen” who will deliver a truly special alphabet to the mailbox: 21 postcards illustrated by the famous Venezuelan illustrator Fernando Cobelo with the 21 etymologies from A to Z.

The initiative was created on the occasion of the launch of the 2021 edition of the Zingarelli dictionary: the Zanichelli publishing house has decided to celebrate the occasion by revealing the beauty of the Italian language through the history and the origin of words, the etymologies.

The #ciboperlamente initiative tickles readers’ appetite for culture through the free home delivery of words, just like in the classic food delivery services that have become part of our daily life: #ciboperlamente is a free delivery of lexical curiosities that Zanichelli will offer, from September to November 2020, distributing one million postcards in seven Italian cities (Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Cagliari).

Staring Wednesday 30 September and until Monday 5 September the postmen in Genoa will deliver the illustrated postcards in the districts of Sampierdarena, San Fruttuoso, Foce, Castelletto, and Oregina. But even those who live in other areas of the city will be able to receive them at an online platform choosing between different types of “menu-words”, each with its own thematic focus (traditional menu, children’s menu, the menu of the day, author’s menu, exotic menu). The postcards will be delivered to residents home for free together with the possibility of discovering many other words thanks to the offer of 3 months of free digital dictionaries (English, French, Spanish, Italian).

The #ciboperlamente initiative comes after 2018’s #laculturasifastrada, with examples of rhetorical figures, untranslatable words, and false friends written on the pavements with graffiti, the 2019 #paroledasalvare project that had brought the dictionary to the squares.

photo: facebook Zanichelli