Free public transportation campaign started in Stuttgart


Residents of the German city of Stuttgart were able to enjoy free public transportation last Saturday. The action will take place 3 more times until the end of this year.

Mayor of Stuttgart Frank Nopper stated on social media: ‘’I would like to cordially invite the people of Stuttgart to take advantage of the offer and visit the city center without any parking stress or thoughts about high fuel prices.’’

The four dates have been selected after negotiations with the City Initiative Stuttgart when the matter was raised during the deliberations for the double budget 2022/2023, the city of Stuttgart announced on their website.

City manager Sven Hahn stated: “With these four dates, we can make a valuable contribution to the revitalization of Stuttgart‘s city center and at the same time hopefully convince a large number of people to switch to local public transport.“

The International Animated Film Festival took place in Stuttgart last Saturday, drawing numerous visitors to the city center. Several other big events have also been scheduled for the upcoming weekend during which free public transportation will be active. On June 25, a children’s and family festival, a long market night in Stuttgart, and a science festival will be held.

The European Mobility Week will be organized in Stuttgart on September 17th, when it will be possible to travel free of charge by bus and rail for the third time. Finally, November 5th will see the event “Stuttgart shines” which will once again attract numerous visitors to the city.

Last weekend, the offer was valid for all means of transport of the VVS in zone 1, from Saturday midnight to Sunday 5 a.m.

Dirk Dietz, VVS department head at Stuttgart Transport and Tariff Association, stated: ‘’A special thanks goes to those responsible for the CIS, who have shown great commitment to the city for the campaign and of course also to the city of Stuttgart, which finances the free ride.’’ (photo credit: upklyak/Freepik)