Frankfurt to become a cycling city


City Councilor for Transport Klaus Oesterling looks Frankfurt, a car town, on track to become “cycling city”. “The number of cars on the streets is simply too high,” stated Mr. Oesterling on Wednesday when the last two of a total of 365 new cycle route signs were installed in the Westend at the junction of the Kettenhofweg and Bockenheimer Landstraße. That is why he will use every opportunity to make cycling more attractive and to get even more people to switch to cycling.

Under his guidance, around 5,500 signposts for cyclists have been set up at more than 2,500 locations in the city. Traffic routing for cyclists in another district is optimized almost every month; soon it will be Dornbusch, Nordend-West, and the Bahnhofsviertel. The dense road network requires much more visual cues so that the good visibility is maintained, and cyclists are guided in the right direction.

An almost continuous 2.30-meter wide bike path

In the opinion of the City Councilor for Transport, it is not only the direction that has to be right but also the quality of the cycle paths. At the top of the list is the planned renovation of Bockenheimer Landstrasse, on which, an almost continuous 2.30-meter wide cycle path is to be constructed on both sides. As a result, car traffic is almost everywhere losing the previously existing third lane, which on Bockenheimer Landstrasse is mainly used as a turning lane into the side streets.

As early as next year, work will begin on making the axis via Kettenhofweg and Robert-Mayer-Straße safer for cyclists. Initially, only markings and bollards would be put up on this direct connection from the city centre to the Westbahnhof, later a separate cycle path would be provided there.