Football stadiums in Germany are welcoming fans back

Starting from August 13, new Bundesliga season starts and football stadiums in Germany will welcome fans back.

Leaders of Germany’s 16 federal states discussed plans for reopening sports venues, and it was agreed that certain criteria would have to be met. For example, venues will not be able to welcome more than 5,000 spectators if the seven-day Covid-19 incidence rate is over 35 per 100,000 inhabitants, and the proof of a negative Covid-19 test or full vaccination will be required upon entry.

Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller said: “We have achieved nationwide success in combating the corona pandemic. This is shown by the low number of infections and the positive development of the vaccination campaign. This gives us the leeway to once again allow spectators to attend major sporting events, other major events and above all major cultural events that are important to us. I therefore welcome the fact that the states have agreed on a common framework here. Experience with protection and hygiene concepts gives us the framework for designing very prudent opening steps. However, it is certain, especially with a view to the dangers of new virus variants, that we must continue to be careful because the pandemic is by no means over. I appeal to all participants in events and, as before, to all citizens, to continue to respect and observe rules and regulations. We must not, and do not want, to risk a fourth wave of the pandemic.”

Venues will be required to ensure social distancing is carried out through pod seating and staggered entry and exit times, while face coverings will also need to be worn. The capacity limit has been set at 50 per cent or 25,000 fans, whichever is lower, reports Sports Business.

Allianz Arena, home of champion Bayern Munich, will accept a maximum of 20,000 visitors as the state of Bavaria takes a more cautious approach.

The initial guidelines will be in place until September 11, after which point restrictions may be eased if the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out continues in Germany and case numbers fall.

Photo Herr Bohn/Unsplash