First 100% electric buses arrived in Aalborg


The first 100% electric buses have arrived in the Danish city of Aalborg last weekend. The city in the Jutland region of Denmark is making significant efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions and secure a better and healthier living environment.

Mayor of Aalborg Thomas Kastrup-Larsen stated on social media: “I am super happy that today I could cut the green ribbon for the first 90 100% electric buses in Aalborg municipality and more will be added in the coming time so that in a year we have only electric buses”.

Because they are fueled by sustainable resources rather than fossil fuels, electric buses contribute to the reduction of air pollution. Furthermore, compared to diesel buses, electric buses are more cost-effective and have higher levels of efficiency.

“All the buses will run on green electricity, and in this way, public transport in Aalborg will make a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and particulate pollution in the city,” Mayor Kastrup-Larsen wrote.

“In addition, electric buses are much better to drive than diesel buses. Congratulations to all of us on a greener and better public transport,” he continued.

Aalborg, which was formerly an industrial town, has transformed over time into a highly inventive city that vigorously supports social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

In this university city, a wide range of participants and key actors are accepting long-term responsibility and assisting one another in making the world a safer, greener, and healthier place. (photo credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images/Pixabay)