European Mobility Week 2020 in Padua from 16 to 22 September

From 16 to 22 September the European Mobility Week returns to Padua, this year declined on the theme Zero emissions, mobility for all, with reference to the stated goal of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to achieve, by 2050, a climate-neutral economy.

A goal that, in order to be reached, inevitably passes through a general rethinking of the transport system, which must become zero-emission throughout Europe and available to all citizens.

The Municipality of Padua is also involved in this innovative, multinational, and long-term process. Padua is participating as a pilot city in two important European projects funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program: the Reveal (Regulating vehicle access for improved livability) project, which through the use of an innovative methodology aims to optimize the use and the accessibility of urban spaces with consequent benefits in terms of reductions in polluting emissions and noise, and the Sprout (Sustainable policy response to urban mobility transition) project, aimed at experimenting and developing an innovative, electric, adaptable transport system to city needs.

Strengthened by this sensitivity towards this issue, the city of Padua is firmly adhering to the European Mobility Week with a series of events that will take place from 16 to 22 September.

Walking – Sustainable Mobility in Padua

The first scheduled appointment is the meeting for Wednesday 16, at 5:30 pm will present the results achieved so far concerning this project financed by the Ministry of the Environment with about one million euros for innovation of the mobility system in the Camin district and the industrial area of the city, orienting it towards greater sustainability.

A city full of bikes

Thursday 17th will be the turn of the Giretto d’Italia, the national initiative that aims to promote cycling and is organized by Legambiente and VeloLove in collaboration with Euromobility.

The officers of the Municipality of Padua, the volunteers of Legambiente, and the volunteers of the Friends of the bicycle association will monitor the movements by bike in nine points of the city to quantify the use of bicycles for urban travel.

On Sunday 20 September, the Fiab (Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation) will take its members to the street for a bicycle that will touch the Padua sites interested in the candidacy for world heritage sites, in front of which a brief presentation will be made.

To close the week, the press conference for the presentation of the 2020 edition of the “Green Miles Competition”, which, since 2006, invites the students of Padua to challenge each other, for 4 weeks, in going sustainably from home to school and vice versa (walking, cycling, bus, carpooling). The six most virtuous and least “polluting” classes (three of the primary and three of the secondary schools) will be awarded.

Finally, throughout the week, the bicycle marking service will be active, a tool to defend against theft that allows the owner of a bicycle to be identified by stamping his tax code on the frame. The service, created with the Friends of the bicycle association, is free and available every weekday of the European Mobility Week.

The Councilor for the environment declares: “Like every year, this European Mobility Week is an opportunity to spread the culture of sustainable mobility and to think together about the policies to be implemented, at all levels, to reduce the impact that traditional mobility – based on combustion engine vehicles – has on our environment and in particular on the quality of the air we breathe every day. An area that the Covid-19 epidemic has made better for the forced arrest of many of the most polluting human activities, obviously including transport, highlighting the need to find solutions – which we know are certainly not simple – so that the prosperity of our economy is balanced by the indifferent protection of the environment and the health of all“.

The Councilor for Mobility and Sustainable Urban Development declares: “The European Mobility Week is a very important event, useful for consolidating and relaunching the attention of the whole European Union on the need for a change in terms of mobility, which we can no longer afford to postpone. To live in a healthier environment it is necessary, even in our city, to imagine new solutions in terms of mobility, using intelligence, common sense, and the experience of cities that have already embarked on “new paths” by enhancing innovative systems of “clean” mobility and encouraging the sweet one, focusing on the bicycle and safe pedestrian paths“.