European mayors discuss climate protection with Frans Timmermans


Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmerans and nine mayors from all around Europe participated in an online meeting dedicated to climate protection yesterday.

The city leaders who took part in the virtual meeting are members of Covenant of Mayors, the world’s largest movement for local climate and energy actions. The initiative brings together tens of thousands of local governments which agreed to work towards achieving EU climate and energy goals.

Mayor of Freiburg Martin Horn stated on social media: Climate protection starts at the local level – I am therefore delighted that the “Covenant of Mayors” brings together over 10,000 cities and municipalities that have voluntarily committed themselves to stronger climate protection.

As a member of the board, I would actually have been in Brussels today – but due to the current situation, we exchanged views virtually – including with the mayors of Warsaw, Mechelen, Heidelberg and Lahti, mayor Horn continued. 

Mayor of Freiburg emphasized that all participants were dedicated to ensuring a stronger position for cities on the international level and taking a more proactive stance on climate change. According to mayor Horn, the city administration and city council in Freiburg last year announced a large climate protection program, with a total of 120 million euros set aside for this matter over a six-year period. 

Covenant of Mayors aims to achieve climate neutrality and decarbonized cities with access to affordable, secure, and sustainable energy by 2050. Participating towns also commit to taking steps to support the EU’s 55 percent greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030, and focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation as well.

However, it is also clear that we need even more support from the state, federal government and the EU for climate protection – and we campaigned for this today with Frans Timmermans, mayor of Freiburg Martin Horn further stated.

Together for even more climate protection – thank you to my fellow mayors throughout Europe for this important commitment, he concluded. (photo credit: city of Freiburg)