EuroGames 2021 got held in Copenhagen

EuroGames 2021, an LGBTI+ inclusive sporting event including 22 sports, took place in Copenhagen and Malmö last week.

The opening ceremony was filled with energy and many performances, speakers also addressed the more serious part of the sports happening.

Mayor of Copenhagen Lars Weiss stated: “EuroGames is not just about the tournament. With this event, we show the world that everyone has the right to participate in sports. It is crucial that we pave the way for tolerance and inclusion in sport. We need to challenge the intolerance in sports and in society in general. I hope that EuroGames will move us one step closer to this goal”.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 2000 athletes from 49 nations, despite the pandemic doubts.

Athletes from all over the world competed in various disciplines: from handball to ballroom dancing. Despite the sporting event going ahead with restrictions, WorldPride sent a greeting to all of those unable to attend due to the ongoing pandemic.

Jakob Fauerby, the host of WorldPride said: “We all know that the last year and a half has been super difficult. And even though it is getting better and the future brighter, it is not everyone who can be here to celebrate with us, so we want to send them our thoughts”.


Photo credit: Andreas Paulsson