Denmark to host many sports events during 2021 and 2022

Denmark is planning many sports events for 2021 and 2022.

The postponed Tour de France will begin with a Tour de Denmark in 2022. Representatives from Amaury Sport Organisation visited Denmark to inspect the five start and finish cities.

Riders will pedal through Copenhagen, Roskilde, Nyborg, Vejle and Sønderborg from July 1-3.

Alex Pedersen, the head of Grand Départ Copenhagen said: “When the Tour de France starts next year in Copenhagen, it will be one of the biggest sporting and media events that we’ve ever had in the country. It requires precise planning. We look forward to a fantastic cycling and folk festival across the country”.

Tour de France was supposed to be held in 2021, but to avoid a clash of major events in Copenhagen (UEFA EURO 2021&Tour de France), cycling start was postponed by a year.

Talking about UEFA EURO 2021, the big-screen events in Copenhangen are still a bit uncertain due to the pandemic limits.

Mayor of Copenhagen Lars Weiss said: “We hope the ‘Football Village’ at Ofelia Beach and big screen events at Rådhuspladsen and Øksnehallen can go ahead, even if it is at a reduced capacity”.

To conclude with, Denmark is hosting its first ever World Padel Tour tournament in the spring 2022 which is both going to promote this still a bit «unusual» sport but also the country of Denmark as a wonderful sports venue. Photoy keesluising for Pixabay