Copenhagen on a mission to preserve its historical charm


Residents of the Danish capital Copenhagen are able to nominate a building in the city that they believe gives Copenhagen its soul and should therefore be preserved.

Mayor of Copenhagen Sophie Hæstorp Andersen stated on social media: ‘’My dream is that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren a city that has room for them – but is also rich in history and has a soul. It may sound like a paradox. Because how can we build new things, develop the city, and at the same time cherish and protect the old bricks?’’

‘’In my opinion, we need to be able to do both. And that is how we can ensure that Copenhagen is a historic city in development. But we can’t do that without the help of Copenhageners! Because you are the local experts in our city,’’ she continued.

Nominations can be made from May 5 to June 23. Following that, a panel of judges will assess the Copenhageners’ suggestions and, based on that, nominate up to 10 buildings from each district in the Danish capital for preservation. The results of the campaign will be announced next fall.

‘’We really want to find the little overlooked but special buildings in Copenhagen that mean something to the people of Copenhagen,’’ mayor Hæstorp Andersen also stated.

In addition to submitting their own nominations, residents of Copenhagen can also vote for the existing proposals on the official website of the project entitled ‘’The City’s soul’’.

Copenhagen is witnessing a period of rapid growth, with construction activity at an all-time high and thousands of new residents arriving each year. That is why the city is now on a mission to find out which historical buildings are most significant to local residents.

By doing that, Copenhagen wants to make sure that the future development and the new buildings don’t endanger the city’s old historical charm. (photo credit: Lindsay Martin/Unsplash)