Cluj-Napoca hosted a meeting of Eurocities network in the field of education


Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Emil Boc attended a meeting of the Eurocities Network of cities on “Mutual learning in addressing inequalities in education”, which was held at the Casino Centro de Cultura Urbana.

The event, which brought together education workers from around Europe, aimed to create ideas and implementation strategies for the educational process, ranging from improving the quality of formal education to creating conducive environments for informal and innovative educational activities.

Mayor Boc stated on social media: ‘’On this occasion, I shared with the guests some strategic directions of the City Hall regarding education in Cluj-Napoca. The university is one of the city’s most important competitive advantages, providing a highly trained human resource for the labour market.’’

‘’Also, the collaboration between universities and the rest of the social actors (city hall, private sector, civil society) creates in Cluj-Napoca an environment conducive to innovation and professional development. We also presented some of the public education policies implemented in the city and considered as a model of good practice at national level,’’ he continued.

Cluj-Napoca is a prominent university city in the center of one of Romania’s most well-known regions – Transylvania. One of the most popular universities in the city is Technical University of Cluj-Napoca which has more than 20.000 students. 

Universities contribute significantly to urban life by producing qualified graduates and providing professional skills, research, and innovation. City and universities have a strong relationship as universities can have a great impact in reshaping local economies and raising cities to greatness. (photo credit: Lorena Tintea/Unsplash)