Christmas Eve event for the homeless in Krakow

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The city of Krakow is widely known as one of the best European destinations to visit during winter period. In that time, the city transforms into one of the picture-perfect cities that is decorated with many colorful lights and beautiful holiday-inspired decorations.

Besides its festive atmosphere, Krakow especially takes care for its homeless in this period. Every year the city organizes Christmas eve for the homeless at the Central market in Krakow. 

Due to the pandemic, it wasn’t certain if this beautiful event was going to be held this year, but the city managed to organize it again and give support to people who need it the most.

Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski stated via social media: “We managed to, once again, organize our traditional event Christmas Eve for the Homeless. A special clinic for all those in need will be set up at the main market, where vaccination against Covid-19 and the flu will be possible”. 

Besides the clinic, all those who come to the Christmas Eve event can enjoy the warm and traditional Polish Christmas meals. The menu includes: borscht, croquettes, dumplings, bigos, and porridge with mushrooms. Packages with products donated by partners who support the event are also secured for everyone. Those contain sweets, canned food, coffee, tea and fruit. (photo: Pixabay)