Bratislava proposes strict regulation of advertising constructions in the zoning plan

Bratislava wants to introduce new strict rules for the placement of advertising and thus clean up the public space for Bratislava residents. Therefore, it submits the regulation of advertising constructions directly to the zoning plan via amendments, which will go through a public hearing this month.

The capital is taking this step for the first time in modern history, as the visual smog in Bratislava has become unbearable. Last year, we terminated the lease agreements for advertising buildings on city land, and we are gradually removing these ads. At the same time, however, new advertising constructions continue to be added on plots that do not belong to the city“, said the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo.


The new regulation is better placed to control multiplied advertising. The first step should be to limit the placement of new advertising features in the future. We want to replace the current situation, where the unsystematic placement of advertising buildings interferes with the quality of urban spaces with clear and uniform rules. The proposal envisages four regulatory zones that respect the natural division of the city.

Proposed rules of the new regulation:

– It will be forbidden to place billboards with an advertising area larger than 13 m2 in all zones.

– A total ban on advertising constructions in the natural environment, on the waterfront, promenade, greenery defined in the zoning plan and by watercourses and areas.

– In the wider city center – CMO, the placement of advertising buildings should be prohibited, except for smaller citylights with an area of ​​up to 3 m2 with a minimum spacing of 100 m and also signs for marking the organization or operation of the building.

– In protected areas, such as the historic core of the city or the Rusovce monument zone, only basic signboards up to 2 m2 will be allowed on the buildings of establishments and organizations.

– Significant reduction in the number of advertising structures along the compositional axes, such as major traffic routes, e.g. Račianska, Karloveská, etc., where, in addition to signboards, only citylights up to 3 m2 with a spacing of at least 100 m will be allowed.

– In other urbanized areas, only citylights up to 3 m2 with a minimum spacing of 100 m, billboards up to 13 m2 with a minimum spacing of 200 m and signboards on large trade and service buildings with a maximum advertising area of ​​up to 13 m2 for one operation should be permitted.

The new rules in the zoning plan will bring results, especially in the longer term. On the one hand, by a significant reduction in the installation of new advertising buildings and at the same time by a gradual reduction in the number of those that are already installed today. If the city council approves the proposed changes to the zoning plan next year, in Bratislava it will no longer be possible to obtain a building permit or a notice for an advertising construction, which is not allowed in the given zoning plan. This will visibly start to gradually reduce the burden of visual smog, which will benefit the transformation of public spaces into attractive public spaces.

Amendments 07 also address zoning plans, the tram line in the new center with the possibility of future development of tram lines by building radials in Podunajské Biskupice and Vrakun, adaptation principles to increase resistance to climate impacts, collection and recovery of biodegradable waste and incorporation of changes from comments to amendments 06. The discussion of the proposed amendments 07 will take place in the period from 10.11.2020 – 18.12.2020. The detailed wording of the proposed rules for advertising structures, including other parts of the current package of amendments, can be found here.