Barcelona as an ever-rising tech hub of Spain


In the last decade, the city of Barcelona experienced a boom in the technological business sector. Now, the level of a historical peak in the sector of tech companies has been reached.

The research conducted by real estate and investments consultancy company CBRE, showed that in 2021, Barcelona accounted for 70% of all hiring in Spain for this type of business. The research states: “The technology business has been gaining weight in the Barcelona market in the last three years to become the main sector in terms of hiring”.

The city was also ranked as leader in exposure to the technology sphere, with 48% ranking. Compared to other cities on the list, like Amsterdam at 37% and Dublin at 31%, Barcelona is very dedicated to this sphere. The progress made during the last five years enabled Barcelona to jump from seventh place in 2017, to first place on this list in 2021.

One of the main factors that contributed to consolidation of this business sphere in Barcelona was the city’s technological and innovation district 22@. This business complex, established in 2000, provides a privileged place for tech companies. With 80% of the buildings and facilities A graded, lower vacancy rates and reasonable rent cost, it was ideal for expansion of this business. It enabled employees and other users to enjoy a perfect space and environment for work. 

Besides this excellent business complex, another key aspect for success in this sector is income growth. The city of Barcelona experienced the biggest growth of income among European cities in the last six years. This was done through promotion of competitiveness, especially in terms of office rents. The CBRE research also predicts substantial increase in this sphere during upcoming years.

The gaming sector started gaining more share in the economy of Barcelona. It is estimated that the gaming sector is set to reach the levels of revenue generated by television by the year 2024. (photo credit: rawpixel. com/Freepik)